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These teachers and schools use Learnhub to make their classes collaborative, more productive, and easier to manage.


Colegio Internacional Montessori

For more than 3 decades, Colegio Internacional Montessori has been offering high-quality education based on the principles of Maria Montessori. The school is recognized as one of Guatemala's most innovative schools and was ranked as the #1 school in the country in 2014. They serve all grades and over 1,000 students.

500 students using LH each week
25 projects running at the same time
3,000+ posts per week


Planning a project for four classes of 25 students each was usually a headache. Teachers were getting an average of 100 emails a week, and keeping track of who was working on what, and who needed more personalized help along the way was very chaotic.

Time spent giving feedback began to absorb their regular classroom’s periods. As a result, it was easy to fall behind on content, and it became very difficult to plan a creative class with limited time.

On the other side, students were struggling to organize all of their deliverables in one single place.


Teachers started using Learnhub for a variety of projects. From Literature and Art History, to Chemistry and Math. They transferred student work from worksheets to a simple project template with detailed milestones and to-do’s. Now, they only had to communicate instructions once, and from the beginning, could offer students the resources that would best help them learn. They could easily see what everyone was learning, as student work was automatically presented on simple, detailed reports.


"Learnhub helps me see who is flying through the project, and who needs more personalized help."

Jessie, Spanish Coordinator


Teachers reported saving significant time per week that was previously being spent checking emails and going over students' work. Now they can view student progress at a glance, and easily identify who needs an extra hand. 94% of students affirmed that Learnhub improved their learning experience, and 96% reported that with Learnhub, they can better learn from their peers.


"Learnhub has saved me a ton of time in giving instructions and checking work."

Agustín Ordóñez, Math Teacher

FCE at Universidad Francisco Marroquin

Universidad Francisco Marroquin (UFM) is considered "one of the leading universities in Latin America”. The Department of Economic Sciences (FCE) of the University targets the brightest students for admission and has the most rigorous entrance requirements in Guatemala. This Faculty represents 1/4 of the total students at UFM, which is now in its 45th year of operation. They have now grown to serve over 720 students through 8 academic disciplines.

100 students using LH each week
5 projects running at the same time
250+ posts per week


The learning strategy that defines FCE's methodology is one of projects and challenges. FCE's students can often be found prototyping, attending events or participating in scavenger hunts; all very hands-on experiences. Under this project-based methodology, trial and error is very important, and the combination of different disciplines, materials, and people can be very chaotic.

The main challenge that teachers were having was helping students document all their progress in one single place. Before Learnhub, they asked students to start blogs, add pictures to Dropbox folders, upload videos to Youtube, and deliver physically written reports. Paperwork, multimedia, and students’ reflections were scattered all over the place (and it wasn’t easy to find!) Each student created a blog on their preferred platform, and sharing different links of everyone’s work was a headache.

Another challenge was that students weren’t aware of what everyone else was learning. They focused on their group, and on their project, and since time is a limited resource, they were rarely able to learn from their peers’ work.

Since student work was scattered, giving and receiving feedback was difficult and time-consuming.


Once they started using Learnhub, students began to document their progress throughout many different projects in one single place. All the links for blogs, folders for pictures, and videos on Youtube were organized in one place, and students could easily see what their peers were learning. Giving feedback became much easier, since everyone could now easily comment on other people’s submissions, and learning from others became the rule of thumb.


"Since students started collaborating more with each other, I have also seen them put more effort into my class."

Alejandro Viau, Professor of Engineering


With Learnhub, teachers saved time by looking at everyone’s work in one place, instead of surfing the web to find each student’s progress. They now have a glimpse of the group’s progress with just one click, as well as the individual work with a customized report. Teachers also have access to past projects as well as to other teachers’s creations, as a place to gather ideas for future work. They get to keep a record of what went wrong and what went well with previous projects, and encourage their students to built on top of that.


"Learnhub makes it very easy to suggest exercises and research topics for my students to learn."

Daniel Mazariegos, Innovation and EdTech

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